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Taggart Meil Mathers Solicitors

Welcome to the home page of Taggart Meil Mathers, life event specialists.

For the major joyful times or the more challenging times in your life.  We are here to guide you through those major life event times when your rights need to be protected and your obligations explained.

What are these big moments?  Well, you have the exciting time when buying your home - or selling and buying another house.  You may be taking the plunge and setting up in business. 

There are also those challenging and readjustment times when relationships may change and we are there to help to deal with matters of separation, divorce or child custody issues.  Likewise, on the death of a loved one or the loss of your job, the helping hand of Taggart Meil Mathers is there to assist you.

 Family Matters

In all family cases, our focus is on solving problems. When a relationship breaks down we realise that it is a time of great stress and of great emotional upheaval for you. We are able to provide support and understanding, together with the best legal advice available.

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 Making a will

For many people, just thinking about making a Will is a daunting task. However, leaving a clear and carefully thought through Will is the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out after your death.  Find out how we can help.

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 Civil Litigation

We operate in Aberdeen but can provide a comprehensive service to our clients, wherever they may be located. Our aim is to resolve your dispute or claim, whether minor or complex, as quickly as possible, always in your best interests, and, if at all possible, without you having to embark on court action.

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Featured Properties

A selection of some of the properties we have for sale across Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and further afield.

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